Special Delivery / Fixed Time Delivery

Mix Roses Rs. 395
12 Red Roses Rs. 549
Beautiful Red Roses Rs. 445
Pink Purety Rs. 745
Dazzling Red Rs. 799
Sweet Desire Rs. 895
Pink Blush Rs. 695
Queen of Heart Rs. 975
Sweet Combo Rs. 975
Pretty in Pink Rs. 895
Bright Sunshine Rs. 1099
Lifetime Love Rs. 3995
Truffle Cake Rs. 599
Love Always Rs. 899
Bright Fusion Rs. 899
Red Express Rs. 1399
Morning Stars Rs. 599
Colorful Joy Rs. 999
Pure Magic Rs. 799
Mixed Roses Rs. 495
Magical Desire Rs. 499
Special 100 Red Roses Rs. 3495
Delightful Affair Rs. 1299
Exotic Love Rs. 899
Spirit of Love Rs. 799
Royal Beauty Rs. 1199
Secret of Love Rs. 799
Special Gift Rs. 949
Crispy Yellow Rs. 1299
Black Forest Cake Rs. 599
Colorful Rainbow Rs. 899
Choco Delight Rs. 2499

Fixed Time Delivery Flowers and Gifts/ Valentine's Day Fixed Time Delivery/ Mother's Day Fixed Time Delivery

Has it ever happened with you that your online gifts reached much before or after the occasion for which you actually ordered them? Many of you must have faced the same issue, right? Well, this is very common as every logistic company has its limitations and that’s acceptable to some extent also.

But, what if you plan something special for your special and it gets spoiled due to such issues? You will feel really bad, isn’t it? Have you ever given a though that how can this be prevented so that your surprises don’t get ruined?

Don’t worry guys! PickSmiles has come up with a simple solution to this problem and that is fixed time gifts delivery. Yes, fixed-time delivery of gifts allows you to select your preferred time slot in which you want that gift to be delivered to your loved one. Believe us, it works!

Now, when you have already chosen PickSmiles, you should know that fixed time flowers delivery is one of our specialties. We can deliver flowers, gifts and cakes on your selected date and time anywhere in India, be it Delhi-NCR, Punjab, Calcutta, Pune, Agra, to name a few.

We know what importance the person, whom you are gifting, holds in your life as well as heart. That is why, our team becomes more careful when you choose fixed time delivery for them. From florists to delivery boy, every member of our team keeps an eye on every second just to make sure that your love reaches your dear ones on time.

Not only this, fixed time flowers delivery also lets your amaze a person when he or she least expects it, like early morning just after brushing their teeth or late night just before going to their bed.

If you also believe that time is money, then fixed time delivery is worth saving every penny.