Mothers Day / Mothers Day Flowers And Chocolates

Pink Elegance Rs. 1199
Expression Of Love Rs. 1599
Chocolaty Fussion Rs. 1549
Choco-Bloom Delight Rs. 1449
Choco Delight Rs. 2499

How many of you know that your mom likes chocolate as much as you do?

Now, most of you will take few minutes to analyse the question and only 30% of you will come up with an answer ‘yes’ and that’s why you checked out this page, right? And, 55% out of 70 will analyse it wrong and landed here just because you think that chocolates make a nice Mother’s Day gift, isn’t?

In simple words, we never cared whether our moms like chocolates. As far as we remember they always took a bite or two from ours and said ‘I had enough’. Such are our mothers, who stopped caring for their likes and dislikes, the day we stepped into this world.

Stop feeling guilty guys, it’s time for showing our moms we do care. Why not surprise them with Mother’s Day Flowers and Chocolates on this 10 our moms some finger­licking delicious chocolates which they can completely relish on their own without worrying about us. After all, we are grownups, aren’t we?

PickSmiles knew that after reading this, we can’t just go away empty handed and that’s why it introduced some awesome combos of Flowers and Chocolates for Mother’s Day. So, what’s the wait for? Let’s pick one right away for our lovely mothers and see that chocolaty smile on their face.

Here, we can get these yummy surprises hand­delivered to our mothers by choosing any one delivery option out of three, i.e. Same Day, Midnight and Fixed Time. Isn’t it cool? Now, we don’t have to worry about when and how these gifts reach our moms. We can get them delivered as per their convenience (and ours as well).

And prices? Well, PickSmiles is really generous and that we can make out from the prices displayed above.