Pink Love Rs. 699
Best Greetings Rs. 799
BlackForest Cake Rs. 999
Love Rhythm Rs. 495
Joy Basket Rs. 1599
Beautiful Red Roses Rs. 445
Sweet and Elegant Rs. 1849
Yellow Moon Rs. 1499
Joyful Carnations Rs. 1299
Mixed Carnations Rs. 749
Peaceful Love Rs. 1199
Mix Lilies Rs. 2249
Chocolaty Fussion Rs. 1549
Warm Delight Rs. 2199
Sweet Love Rs. 1499
Sweet Inspiration Rs. 1449
Sweet Desire Rs. 895
Rising High Rs. 1099
Sunshine Delight Rs. 1199
Classic Beauty Rs. 749
Passionate Love Rs. 1399
Queen of Heart Rs. 975
Lifetime Love Rs. 3995
Love Always Rs. 899
Bright Fusion Rs. 899
Red Express Rs. 1399
Mixed Roses Rs. 495
Crispy Yellow Rs. 1299

Flowers are the most popular birthday gifts ever

When anyone plans for a birthday celebration, flowers are by default number 1 on the list of things to get. Many times it so happens that you are in another city or country when it’s the birthday of your near and dear one. It sure is disappointing to miss such special days but you can make up for your absence by sending them flowers, cakes and gifts on their birthday. So, the next time you are short on time or in another city all you have to do is place an order with us and we'll make sure that the birthday girl/boy has the best flowers delivered on time. You may not be physically present to give them the gifts but our efficient delivery system will ensure your loved ones get their birthday gifts on time.