Birthday / Best Sellers

Pink Love Rs. 699
Mixed Roses Rs. 399
Best Greetings Rs. 799
Beautiful Red Roses Rs. 375
Love Rhythm Rs. 495
Joy Basket Rs. 1599
BlackForest Cake Rs. 999
Joyful Carnations Rs. 1299
Mixed Carnations Rs. 749
Peaceful Love Rs. 1199
Warm Delight Rs. 2199
Rising High Rs. 1099
Sunshine Delight Rs. 1199
Chocolaty Fussion Rs. 1549
Mix Lilies Rs. 2249
Sweet and Elegant Rs. 1849
Yellow Moon Rs. 1499
Classic Beauty Rs. 749
Sweet Love Rs. 1499
Sweet Inspiration Rs. 1449
Love Always Rs. 899
Red Express Rs. 1199
Bright Fusion Rs. 899
Passionate Love Rs. 1399
Sweet Desire Rs. 999
Lifetime Love Rs. 4999
Crispy Yellow Rs. 1299
Queen of Heart Rs. 975

There are some things in life that are truly priceless and stand the test of time. One of the most amazing and classic things that you can do for somebody is to send them birthday flowers! Imagine it’s your birthday and you walk into the office and find a beautiful bouquet of flowers waiting for you. Sounds like a dream, doesn’t it? How about you gift this dream to somebody? Check out our breath-taking range of bouquets, assorted with love and send happy birthday flowers to someone you truly about. You can pick out the best of the best from the range that we have and place your order for birthday flowers online. We will make it quick, we promise!

We believe flowers speak louder than words ;). Hence, we have carefully made choicest of bouquets for you to choose from. Worry not about the freshness of flowers because we know how important a gesture it is for you. We make extra effort and take special care to deliver quality and exceed your expectations every single time. At Pick Smiles, we encourage our customers to pick smiles for their loved ones and then, it is upon us to pack and deliver these smiles with an additional topping of warmth straight from our hearts.

You don’t need to wait at the cash counter anymore to buy the gift for your loved ones. You don’t need to hop showrooms to find the perfect gift anymore. Because we do it here online, right now. We believe that little things that can truly make a perfect birthday gift for your loved ones. Flowers are delicate and the sweetest gift you can give to someone. Let us know the address and we will be at your service to send out the best birthday surprise ever! We love to home deliver flowers!