Best Sellers / Bunches

Sweet Desire Rs. 895
Medley of Love Rs. 1899
Bright n Beautiful Rs. 649
Sunshine Delight Rs. 1199
Classic Beauty Rs. 749
Sweet Surprise Rs. 749
Pink Blush Rs. 695
Pink Perfection Rs. 799
Beauty Embrace Rs. 699
Melody of Love Rs. 1999
Passionate Love Rs. 1399
Bright Sunshine Rs. 1099
Bright Fusion Rs. 899
Red Express Rs. 1399
Mixed Roses Rs. 495
Magical Desire Rs. 499
Delightful Affair Rs. 1299
Spirit of Love Rs. 799
Royal Beauty Rs. 1199
Secret of Love Rs. 799

Best Selling Flower Bunches

We love flowers and we believe that flowers express more than words can ever do. So, be it the love of your life or your boss, be it saying ‘hello’ to a new beginning or bidding ‘adieu’ to someone, be it a birthday wish or an apology…we have flowers for every occasion!

Explore what we’ve got and send a flower bunch to those who matter, no matter what the occasion is, because flowers say it better than words do! Just tell us when and where, your flower bunches delivery will be taken care of. We promise freshness and timely delivery!